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hey Trish.. got a messy but fun craft 
that the kids can do...if you take some 
apple sauce, cinnamon & white school glue 
you can make your own cinnamon scented 
NONEDIBLE "cookie" ornaments for the tree. 
you just start with the cinnamon, 
(i usually use about 4 regular size containers) 
dump into mixing bowl. 
(i recommend glass bowl for later clean up). 
then mix the apple sauce 
(usually about one good sized jars worth) 
and one big bottle of the glue together.. 
slowly add the sauce/glue mix into the dry cinnamon 
until the mix is similar to a cookie dough consistency. 
then i usually take some of the "dough" and put it 
between two pieces of plastic wrap and roll as you would 
a cookie dough. 
(i usually roll til about a quarter of an inch thick) 
from then on you can treat it as you would regular cookie 
dough. you can use cookie cutters ect to make your shapes 
(don't forget to poke a small hole for your hanging string later!!) 
set the ornaments aside for a day or 2 until they have firmed up 
then you can decorate them with glitter ect.,cut a few lengths of 
fancy string or ribbon to slip through the little hole you made 
before and voila' a very nice ornament or even car air freshener!! 
Depending on how creative you and your children may be you can also 
make other wonderful holiday gifts as one of my friends modified this 
"dough" with ginger and nutmeg added to the mix and made a 
"gingerbread house".i myself still have some ornaments that i made 
about 5 years ago and they will be hanging on the tree this year. 
the glue makes them pretty durable and the cinnamon scent can be renewed 
by lightly sprinkling ornament with water and nuking for 10 seconds or so. 
(don't nuke too long ornament will melt or break) 
the only downside for me with this craft is the cleanup..due to the glue 
clean up can be rough if you leave the mixing bowl sit too long after you 
take the "dough" out. i usually get the dough under the plastic wrap and 
immediately rinse the bowl out with LOTS of VERY hot water 
(also i do not recommend using a plastic bowl for this unless you just plan 
on throwing the bowl away it doesn't seem like you can get all the gunk out 
of a plastic bowl,stuff still tasted like cinnamon even after washing!! LOL) 
(and hungry, not too bright friends LOL ;-) 
I hope your readers have as much fun making these as i always do.. 
God Bless and have a Merry Christmas 
(or whatever holiday you celebrate) Fern